3-Minute Market Take

  |   Macro, Capital Markets, Geopolitics

Stalemate Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February took the world by surprise, and has moved investors’ attention away from COVID to almost exclusively on geopolitics and inflation.  As well as the enormous humanitarian impact and suffering caused, the war has created major global financial consequences for...

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Putin pulled the trigger…

  |   Geopolitics, Macro

Russia’s Putin launched an unprovoked military invasion into the Ukraine on February 24th 2022. Up to that point Putin had three strategic options to deal with the self-inflicted situation in the Ukraine: to de-escalate, to muddle-through or to attack.  I had assigned a low probability to...

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Russia’s Gamble with the Ukraine

  |   Macro, Market View

The Russian President threatening the Ukraine, offers highly uncertain rewards yet a potentially lethal downside for him and his inner circle. Russia is getting ahead of itself apparently emboldened by the illegal and only modestly sanctioned seizure of Crimea. The blame, however, lies by no...

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Nerdwallet IPO

  |   Venture Capital, Private Investments

We are pleased to announce that one of our investments, NerdWallet, the personal finance website founded in 2009, went public this month. The company recorded $182 million in revenue in the first six months of 2021, representing YoY growth of 32%. NerdWallet generated $5...

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Un nouvel associé pour Key Family Partners

  |   Business

Finance Corner - Un nouvel associé pour Key Family Partners - Ricardo Payro - 16 septembre 2021 Le Multi-Family Office genevois Key Family Partners a nommé Emanuele Zanon di Valgiurata en tant qu’Associé et Membre du Conseil d’administration. Par ailleurs, Simon Minder a été nommé comme...

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