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Your Family Office

We understand that as wealth grows, your needs and complexity grow.  To protect multi-generational wealth, we offer a central home to better manage the present and prepare for the future.

Free Your Time

  1. Centralise your affairs

  2. Unload your daily administration

  3. Coordinate legal and accounting matters

  4. Have your investments managed and overseen

Take Control

  1. Consolidate reporting across all your investments

  2. Establish your long-term financial plans

  3. Tailor investment portfolios to your needs

  4. Build your succession plan and involve family members

Benefits of KFP


No internal products means impartial and unbiased investment advice.

Alignment of Interests

As a member owned multi-family office our interests are fully aligned.


Our stakeholders receive full transparency on KFP's financial performance.

Custodian Choice

Your wealth remains in your account. We work with any bank you want.

Cost Control

Detailed tracking of fees and independent negotiation ensure you receive the lowest cost.

Consolidated Reporting

Sophisticated, detailed, and custom-built reporting across your entire wealth.


Our team has significant buy-side investment management experience.


We leverage the network of our families to find and invest in unique opportunities.


Switzerland is well-known for its stable currency, legal and political position in Europe.

Learn about our investment philosophy and process.



Planning for your future

The successful transfer of wealth between generations needs planning and preparation.

Succession is a lengthy process that shouldn’t be left to chance.  The Baby Boomer generation, those born between 1944 and 1964, are expected to transfer $30 trillion in wealth to younger generations over the next twenty years*.  With education and support we guide our members through the planning process, acting as a conduit for key family discussions and encouraging involvement of family members.

Challenges families face in succession planning:

Discomfort in discussing sensitive matters
Younger generation still too young
Unwillingness to relinquish control
Younger generation not qualified enough
Disagreements in family
Not knowing how to build a succession plan

Chart: 2019 UBS Global Family Office Report.

*The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History. Forbes, Nov 11, 2019.

Purpose and legacy

The protection and stewardship of your family wealth is our key purpose.  We work with our members to define their long-term goals.  Philanthropy can have a long-term impact on society, and enable family members to be actively involved.

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Will the world's wealthiest entrepreneurs increasingly tackle global challenges?

Family offices that answered 'Yes'. 2019 UBS Global Family Office Report.

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